Thursday, April 13, 2017

Article Summary #10 Digital Visual Asset Management Beyond the Library, a LS 566 post

Trent Batson and Mary Grush in Digital Visual Asset Management Beyond the Library explains that we are surrounded by visual imagery. Images are now as common placed as text-based artifacts yet there are few people assigned to organize a collection or any asset management strategy, thus resulting in a risk of losing them through inaccessibility. Collections have to be maintain that not only protect their digital visual assets but benefit the individual or groups as a whole. While not as established as ISBN or ISSN, DAM is a program that can help maintain digital imagery and there are versions both for the expert and non-expert in DAM. They mention a program, SharedShelf, that could be a useful non-expert DAM system. It is a cloud based system with a built-in VAR core metadata schema, but has the flexibility to let the users develop their own schema based on their own needs. Easy to use DAM systems will allow continuing access to visual imagery for years to come.

Everyone is not an expert in everything. As such having easy to use programs is very important. You can just throw a complex system at a person and expect them to know how to work it. It's unfair to the person and to collection he is trying to maintain. Easy to use system can benefit a great number of people. It makes the job easier and it allows users to enjoy and use the collection where they would otherwise be cut off from it.

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