Monday, March 20, 2017

Article Summary #7: How Local Librarians Can Impact the Digital Asset Management Industry, A LS566 Post

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Anthony Myers in How Local Librarians Can Impact the Digital Asset Management Industry explains that digital repositories are a type of library because of the way digital assets are stored and how they should be organized. David Diamond, director of global marketing at Picturepark, believes that librarians should reach out to DAM vendors to offer aid. The setup of a DAM system is very important because it can get very messy if not done properly. So having the solution of librarians in DAM setup makes since. Librarians work on organizing information so they would know how to organize the digital assets (proper terminology, definition, etc) to make accessing them possible.

This connection makes a good deal of sense; as Diamond states, "DAM is a library if you think about it." Organizing is more, let's say, complex than just storing (think of all those 'how-to-organize' book in bookstores), besides what would the point be of having a digital asset if it was impossible to find. It's a connection that not a lot of people would make, but it's a connection that makes a lot of sense.

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Steven said...

Good work! One reason I like DAM so much is that the DAM world is waking up to the realization that they need more people who are trained to think like librarians. That means better job prospects :-)

Dr. MacCall